“Automation is coming. More and more, machines do our work for us. There is going to be yet more time left over, yet more human energy unconsumed… As machines take over more of the drudgery, work and leisure are increasingly irrelevant concepts. The distinction between them breaks down. We need, and we have a right, to enjoy the totality of our lives. We must start discovering now how to do so.”

– Cedric Price

Emergenc(it)y explores a transformative urban development model of emergent design.

Cities are a complex agglomeration of human societies and represent the collective of their inhabitants requirements and desires. They exhibit a tension between formal and informal planning, top down approaches in the developed world compete with the jostle of residential, social and work spaces in developing cities.

This project takes concepts of Cedric Price’s Fun Palace and interprets it into the future context of 2117. Abundant energy and advanced technologies including autonomous construction and 3D printed materials engender urban spaces that are continuously evolving to respond to their inhabitants.

Localised inputs – the behaviours and requirements of inhabitants – inform a swarm intelligence which generates responsive forms, structures and spaces. Continual adjustments to the inputs result in continuously evolving forms to better suit the needs and desires of their occupants.

The swarm intelligence model is developed from simple agent behaviours. Each agent models desires, locations, influences and actions of the input actors. These actors are conceptualised as inhabitant inputs to a parametric design system, facilitating the construction of urban spaces that are continuously responsive to changing circumstances.

Complex designs emerge from a chain of simple interactions. The resulting built form resembles complex natural systems, cellular growth, ant colonies and other biological structures.


Studio Project (2017) in conjunction with Medini 100YC RMIT
Exhibited at Venice Biennialle, Malaysia Pavilion (2018)

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